Mortal Kombat X

Learn and master the combat styles and skills of 29 Mortal Kombat characters via fighting

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Mortal Kombat X is the tenth installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise, and according to some fans, it might be one of the best games in that series too. Each game in the series surrounds an ultimate fighting match. With this game, you can now play as your favorite fighter.

To keep players interested and entertained, the developers brought back some old characters and added some new fighters that might become your new favorites. You can pick from nearly 30 characters, including Tremor, Cassie Cage, Raiden, Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Pick carefully as some characters have unique moves that can help you more easily defeat your opponents.

The best thing about Mortal Kombat X is that each fighter comes with three distinct combat styles. Those styles will help you bring down opponents during each fight. You can also pick up some new moves as you progress, which will help you go even further. Though some players will stick to just one or two fighters, other players love the challenge of trying to play with and master each of the characters in the game.

Mortal Kombat X comes with several game modes. One of the more popular modes is single player. In single player mode, you pick a character at the beginning and fight your way through multiple matches to come out on top as the Mortal Kombat champion. Though single player mode does come with a story, most players wish they could skip those cut scenes and get right to the action.

Two other modes are available for online players. Faction Wars gives you five factions and asks you to join one. You'll then compete in matches and earn points that improve the reputation and ranking of your faction. With Living Towers mode, you'll receive a series of challenges that you must complete in to unlock new rewards. Living Towers mode requires an internet connection.

One new addition that you may not like is that Mortal Kombat X frequently asks if you want to use real money to buy in-game currency. That currency can help you get through matches faster and defeat certain opponents with ease, and the currency also lets you unlock new features. Even if you turn down the initial request to buy that currency, the game will keep asking you. If those requests don't bother you and you liked other installments in the series, you'll probably love Mortal Kombat X too.


  • Features some of the best graphics of all Mortal Kombat games
  • Comes with multiple game modes
  • Easy to control with your mouse and keyboard
  • Includes more special moves than previous editions
  • Adds to the world of the Mortal Kombat series


  • Asks you to buy in-game currency to advance faster
  • Is much more complex and difficult than other editions
  • Lacks some of the top characters
  • Cannot upgrade certain weapons and money without spending money
  • Has some annoying cut scenes

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